Friday, July 11, 2008

The Saga Continues

Well we are through day two and we have no visible nits. Yeah! This is a good thing, but not to be called a cure, because the sons of bitches have a . . . whadya call it? 10 day life cycle. So we will check for nits for 9 more days then I will pour more pesticide on my daughter's heads. That's a best case scenario people. Let's hope it works out that way.

Did you know looking down at millions of hairs can make your neck hurt? It does. My head too. I think it's the intense focusing. On the bright side, the olive oil helped me because one of my girls had quite a bit of dandruff which can look like a nit (but once you've seen a real one you can tell the difference) but the olive oil got rid of that! Of course after two shampoos the girls still have nasty greasy hair, but lice like clean hair, so I'm all for gross.

On the really bright side, I got to knit a lot today. I called my lys and bought 2 size 1 circular needles with 24 inch cables, because since I can knit one sock on two circs I figured 2 socks on two circs would be simple! Ha! Yarn ends up on the wrong side of the needle to be knit with, it's just insane and there are no video tutorials online to figure it out! I'm a visual learner. But I wanted to make a sock called Plurk (ravelry link)designed by my friend Terry so I just started knitting one at a time. Have you all seen plurk? It's pretty cool. I joined. I'm friendless though, so you all need to join and be my friend!

I'll take pictures of my pretty purple plurks tomorrow and maybe I'll even finish my mochatinis. I'm so close, a couple more rounds of cable and a few ribs and voila!

I'm reading an awesome book - The Conjurer's Bird by Martin Davies. If you like a nice mix of historical fiction, a mystery and a nice love story check it out.


Linda said...

I was just thinking. Can you use Dawn dish soap on the girls hair? It might cut the olive oil. Don't know if it'l work but thought I'd mention it. :)

tracyb said...

I did read that dish soap would help. I'm gonna have 'em shower one more time with regular shampoo and I think they should be less greasy. Thanks!