Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knitting and Yarn!

That is the beginning of the first sock of a pair of Slave to the Plurk socks
(scroll down if it's not the first post, you'll see 'em - they are bright orange - Holly will love them!)
That is the first one finished and the second one begun! They are so nice to knit, simple, tv watching, knitting! And that's awesome because there is some serious tv watching to be done now! The new Big Brother is on, and that's three nights a week my friends. And what starts tonight? The new season of Project Runway! Yeah!!!!
And in anticipation of all the time I will be sitting glued to the television screen, I bought some more orange and green yarn to make squares for the Hopps for Hope Afghan-a-long! Today I shall surf the net and find some cool patterns for squares. After I take the girls to get their hair cut. Wish us luck!


kristinknits said...

So. Excited. for Project Runway! I am hoping that it'll be FIERCE & FEROSH!!!!!!

tracyb said...

Me too! Hey if I'm downstate next week when it comes on maybe we can have a PR knit party! (Except I don't have cable :()

Holly Bee said...

Orange, Orange, Orange!!! LOVE IT!

I'm knitting to Big Brother 10. Oh, Golly, I can't believe I admitted that.

tracyb said...

Oh Holly, I love you for admitting it! ME TOO!