Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

I've been promoted! I'm movin' on up, literally! I'm going to work at the reference desk at the library, which is on the second floor (I work on the first floor at circ right now) - I forget the title, I think it's something like "Assistant Information Services Librarian", even though I'm not a librarian - yet! I'll take the title. It's more hours, more work that involves some thought, and I believe it will provide me with some interesting conversational fodder. We'll see.;)

Also, today I am going to meet with the Director of Northwood University, the only bachelor's degree program in Alpena. I'm going to finish my degree! I've been accepted and the director wants to discuss my transcripts. Fun. My degree will be in some sort of management, versus French (quite the leap!) but I'll have the piece of paper that apparently is like some kind of magic parchment that opens many doors.

Someone I work with said she had read in some paper or something, that people should stop getting bachelor's degrees, because it makes it harder for them to get jobs! What?!? It was funny because the director was in on this conversation and promptly said no and quoted a statistic - something like 90 percent of bachelor's degree holders obtain employment - I don't know the numbers but I was happy he said that. Life for me, would have been a fair bit easier had I finished college within the normal four year span. For my children, not getting a bachelor's degree isn't even something we talk about. When we talk about school, it's 16 years and then you can decide what you want to do, not 12. I've seen people do it differently and it's an easy out for a not so motivated kid. Sure some kids will pursue higher education no matter what, but not all of them. Some need a bit of a prod. I'm prodding mine.

On the down side, poor Sophie returned from camp with a sore throat. I'm hoping she wakes up feeling better. If not, we'll be spending the day at the doctor's office. Send good thoughts!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've turned into one of those people who never blogs.

I have many excuses. My camera is still missing. I live an essentially boring life. I wrote a really long blog entry dissing one of my daughter's friend's mother's but am afraid to post it, even though I didn't mention names because Alpena is one of those towns where if you say something about someone, someone else will see it and figure out who you are talking about. Really. Doctor's can't even share interesting case histories with anonymous names because someone will know. It takes some getting used to. I've stuck my foot in my mouth countless times so far.

I've been reading and knitting. It's hot. We are moved into our house, the garage is still full of crap. (My camera is probably out there somewhere, along with four missing library books and my college transcripts but the thought of searching through the hot garagae makes me hotter than I already am.)

So really, it's summer and I've not done anything worth writing about. School starts soon. When it cools off I'll look for the camera.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Everything is out of our old house. We turned in the keys and passed a final inspection. Yay! Now all the assloads of stuff in the old house are resting peacefully in the garage. I don't like to look in there. Although I suppose I will have to get serious when the weather people start talking snow.

I'm back to work and knitting. I finished the back half of a shell, called Martina. It's pretty. Of course I can't show you because I still can't find the camera. I know it's in this house (or garage *eep*) because I saw it here, I know I did. But I can't remember where. And I'm too busy knitting to do an all out search.

I am also spinning and plying on the fly! I love it. I went to the Castle Farms Fiber Fest in East Jordan Michigan and bought some awesome roving. I'll give you the deets later, but when I got home I plunked down in front of the computer, googled me some ply on the fly lessons and taught myself a new trick! Instant yarn! It's nifty.

Well, that pretty celery green caron country yarn of which the shell is made is calling my name so I gotta go.