Monday, July 28, 2008


Well . . . we drove up north a little bit, to Rogers City. I guess it's what you would call quaint. I guess everything up here is what you would call quaint. You know, old fashioned and charming. Quiet. I guess I just miss the big city madness of Metro Detroit. I'm a big city girl. Well, I'm a big city suburban girl really. But we saw some . . . interesting things.

That's one of those humongous trucks in the quarry in Rogers City. That' s the big deal up here, limestone quarry. Isn't that where Fred Flintstone worked? A limestone quarry? Anyway, I zoomed in and got a shot of the truck. Exciting? Maybe if I had little boys . . .

Now this interesting little tidbit we found at the public beach, which was really quite nice. Quiet with clean sand and freezing ass cold water, but that's the norm up here. Yes my friends that is a miniature hand of the statue of liberty topped off by a tinsel covered flame. I don't know it's story, I'll just let you make up your own.

And this is square number four the Hopps for Hope Lodge blanket, moving right along. Square number three has yet to be photographed - it might be a little bit bigger than 12 by 12 but I'm sending it anyway. I'll take a picture later, and I'll take a picture of my two socks on two circs success because I'm frogging it to make bigger socks and I want proof that I actually conquered this method!

Well the kids are still gone, and today Joe is at work so I have the house all to myself. What to do?


Holly Bee said...

Ooooh, that is sooo pretty!!! Then again, I am partial to orange!

tracyb said...

Thank you!

Kristina B said...

The orange is amazing... and glad you had fun on the trip!

Didn't realise you lived so close to Detroit. You should be able to find tahini there, no problem. :-)

tracyb said...

I don't live close to Detroit anymore! I'm way up north in the boon docks!

Holly Bee said...

We live in the state with Detroit...but once you are away from Detroit, it's all freaking corn fields and deer.

Which does mean a lot of orange yarn to ward off the hunters trying to shoot the deer and not each I smell a business opportunity?