Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is Print o' the Wave Cursed?

Spinny had to frog because she forgot the invisible cast on, Holly frogged because she just wanted to, and I've run into a slight problem. On repeat nine or so, I noticed that about two repeats back, my little zig zag pattern didn't zag, it just kept zigging for a repeat. Oops. I'm not sure how to fix it, short of just ripping back, but I can never pick up lace stitches. Pinko the wave . . . meet time out.

So I'm spinning, spinning, spinning the blue stuff. I'm thinking of making a cowl. A cowl is a nice portable project for our trip to D.C. Yep, we are leaving Friday. I've got to charge the camera, get a memory card for it, since it only holds about 15 pictures, and pack some clothes and stuff.

Better go.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinko the Wave

Happy St. Patricks Day! I'm wearing no green, unless turquosish counts (these are my pretty blue monkeys all finished) but I'm working on my Print o' The Wave Stole for the ZPDK knitalong so I'm all good. I like to call my Print o' the Wave, Pink o' the Wave, because it's pink, and isn't a pinko like a socialist or something? The way stuff is going now I'm leaning towards the socialists. I mean we aren't hearing how the executives in France and Canada are taking million dollar bonuses from the taxpayers are we? But I digress. Here's Pinko the Wave!
I started early, I did not knit all of that today. I needed a head start because I'm slow. And I was in between projects that I wanted to work on so I just started it. There was an article in Interweave Knits about how I don't have to justify starting stuff, so I won't! :)

This is the Biological Clock sock from Eclectic Sole. Did I mention how kick ass that book is? It took FOREVER to knit the plain old stockinette foot from the toe up and I was so excited to start knitting cables that I skipped the first two charts and started on chart three. Ooops. Last night at knit night at the library I pulled it out and started on chart one. It's gonna look cool, although due to my inept photography you can't tell yet.Some other random pictures? This is from the laundry catastrophe I think I mentioned a while ago. The jug sprung a leak. Yikes.And this is my baby boy's basketball team. They went undefeated until the last game which they lost by 3 points in overtime. See number 11? He's a senior. Here's a good story. He's a good kid, no trouble, good grades and at lunch one day, because he's a teenager, he decides to take the bet that he won't be able to drink an entire gallon of milk at lunch. I know, not bright, but harmful to no one other than potentially himself. So he's chugging away at the milk, the entire cafeteria is cheering him on, the lunch ladies catch wind of it, stop him and get this . . . . . .the authorities that be, suspend him. Ridiculous. My husband the coach, gave him the "Golden Milk Jug" award at the last game in honor of his supberb milk drinking effort. The kid said he almost finished it, about an inch left in the bottom of the jug and he was sure he would've made it because he was past the puking stage. You gotta love teenage boys! Number 4 is my boy. And the guy with no number is the husband.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Really, I Swear I Still Knit

I am knitting, I swear. I've almost finished those pretty blue monkeys, I've started the Biological Clock socks from Eclectic Sole (which by the way, is the coolest sock book EVER) and am up to the chart on the first one - they are toe up! I'm working on Traveling Socks for my lys, and spinning the pretty blue yarn still. I'm looking at my Wisteria sweater. I've lugged the bag with it in it around with me a few times. And I've pondered the last row of the jacked up Adamas shawl that I need to finish by June and that I put away back in, oh I don't know, October? It makes me sad. One row away and the stitch count is waaaaay off. What to do, what to do?

I've got pictures and I've got my camera, unfortunately, I'm missing the cord that hooks the camera to the computer.

Oh, and the kidney kozy is still on the table.

I just can't finish anything!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

house stress

We have to move, we haven't sold our house in Clawson and we can't afford to stay here without doing that. Alpena sucks. There are no houses around here that I would want to live in. I spend all day on freakin realtor.com and forsalebyowner.com and I can find nothing. Nothing! I want to cry.

Ok, that little pity party is over. My new obsession is Facebook. Word Twist and Pathwords are where I waste a great deal of time when I should be doing house work. But housework sucks and I'm improving my language skills. Important, no?

I'm also spinning away and watching American Idol and Survivor. And Heroes, Friday Night Lights and House. And I hear America's Next Top Model is starting soon, although I fear Tyra may have jumped the shark. We'll see, I'm loyal and I'll give her one more chance.

Off to play word games and charge up the battery on the camera. I'll take pictures of the crap houses for you!