Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pigs and Knitting - Passions

You know the little hat I started knitting I think it was on Tuesday? Well here it is. On Thursday. (modeled by one of my pigs . . . more on that to follow). I knit this thing like a fiend. Knitting round and round and round in front of the tv while watching House one nights and America's Next Top Model the next. (I think I mentioned my little addiction to reality TV in my blog description) This was perfect tv knitting. The snowflakes took a little more thought, so I didn't watch tv while I did those. I love this hat. It only took one skein of yarn and I bought two, so I am going to make some little booties to go with!

My pigs? Well, I have sort of a collection of pig lawn ornaments. It started about six years ago. In the small city in which we live, my husband was a baseball coach. If you are thinking about coaching? Think hard. It's a noble thing, but you better have some pretty thick skin, because you are NOT going to make every parent happy. Anyway. The pigs. Yeah.

Someone who didn't like the way my husband was doing things sent us an anonymous letter through the mail complaining about his coaching methods. (My husband was and is an awesome coach by the way, he just can't coach our kids -- I think the problem is he's too hard on them).

As an aside the anonymous coward decided to add that they thought I should clean the house more because we lived like pigs. Here let me see if I can recall the exact words "Tracy, clean your house you live like pigs!" Oh yes, and if you are astute you will notice that this anonymous creep must be someone who has been in MY HOUSE! I have never been more hurt by something in my life. I still don't know who did it. I wonder everytime I look at certain people in this community.

My friends stood by me and we turned it into a little joke, which I then took to an extreme by buying every pig lawn ornament (for the lawn so whatever moron wrote the letter could see) I could find. I have the green pig above, who had a twin who suffered an unfortunate mishap with my sons football game. I have a ceramic beige flying pig. I have a country girl pig holding a tulip on a stake, a cute little round pink pig on a stake and my personal favorite and the first pig (or pigs) to join the collection, a mama pig with three babies stacked one on top of the other on top of her. Like me, and my three babies. Living in our little pig house, which might be a little messy but which allows me lots of time to spend with said pigs, oh and a little time to knit too.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hubby told me to plunge the toilet a gazillion times and then go check the basement again . . . . it was like MAGIC! The water is all gone! It's still damp, and he says we probably need to get snaked, but at least I know the house won't be completely underwater by the time he gets home! Yeah!!!!!


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! My husband is gone for two days and I've destroyed the basement. Well, not me so much as whatever is stuck in the freakin' drain and making sewage come up into the basement from the drain under the dryer! And not just sewage, water, and a lot of it, along with the sewage!!!!!! I am so one of those people that got married right out of college and has not a clue how to take care of this problem herself.

I noticed it a couple of days ago, while doing laundry. The floor was just damp. I mentioned it to my husband over the phone who said no biggie, just don't do anymore laundry and he would fix it when he got home. Well, I didn't do anymore laundry. I didn't even go into the basement - until today. Now there are about two inches of water and gack all up under the dryer!!!!!! My house smells like mildew when you walk in. Thank GOD my husband will be back tonight, but I still feel bad that he has to walk into this ISSUE, because I fear that that is what it will turn into, an ISSUE (and all in caps like that too!)

I plan to ignore the basement for the rest of the evening. But it keeps popping into my head and I want to cry! Maybe I need to knit. Yeah, that's it. The knitting will magically make all that . . . . .stuff - in the basement disappear!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unintended Stash Enhancement

I went to the LYS today to make this hat

but with these colors. My LYS didn't have
Lamb's Pride Bulky in black so instead of just
going on home and finishing my WIP (a really pretty bluish Monkey sock that I can't figure out how to upload in the correct position in this post so you will have to trust me that it's cute)

I bought some Noro to make this, and have already cast on and finished the little ear flaps! Cuteness! Who needs socks? Well, me, but I have some so I don't need the monkeys right away and this new baby is supposed to arrive in December, just in time for an Arctic Snowflake ear flap hat!

Oh . . . and I couldn't resist the gorgeous red Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn (that was in a completely different section of the yarn store, but once I'm in I feel obligated as a good yarn store customer to peruse the whole store) I'll post pictures when I'm in more of a teckie sort of mood, right now I want to go knit my hat!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Socks and Computers

I've been learning new things. Not knitting things, computer things. My friend Kristen taught me how to upload pictures onto the blog! Let's see if I can do it . . . .

Yea! But I can't figure out how to get this writing below the picture. Oh well I guess I have more questions for Kristen :)

Anyway these are my new pretty green cable socks. This is the first time I tried cables with socks. I like how they look. (Ignore my gross kitchen floor.)

I've got to take more pictures because I've started both a pair of monkey socks and gentleman's fancy socks. (Kristin taught me that link thing too except I don't know the whole specific link to the monkeys but you can search for them once you are on knitty.)

Oh and I got my knitpicks
catalog today. I think I might have to order one of the sock yarn combos on the back page. I've gotta check out the website and see if they are on there too.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm Tracy and I'm a yarnaholic. It's been about five years of knitting and good wooly yarn addiction. Before that, I crocheted, and was addicted to (gasp!) acrylic yarn, and that little addiction went back to the college years it's been awhile.

I am also shamelessly addicted to reading peoples blogs. LOVE them. My friend whom I work with has a blog and I started by reading hers. Then she told me about this little blog by someone called the Yarn Harlot. One look and I was hooked. I've been reading the blogs for about a year now.

About three or four months ago, my friend gave me one of the coveted invitations to Ravelry, and I began putting up photos with a vengeance. I love seeing my stuff on the website, and I love meeting knitters in the virtual world. Ever since I've toyed with the idea of my own blog, so as I sat here, waiting for my sweet potato pies to finish on Thanksgiving, I took the dive off the deep end and here I am.

I'm so excited!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!