Friday, June 26, 2009

Same Old Story

I can not find the cord that hooks the camera up to the computer! I have pictures people! Of finished objects, like socks and sweaters and the beginnings of a mitten. Somehow in the craziness of making the house "show ready" the cord, which previously stayed attached to the computer, has disappeared. I know someone thought that having that cord attached to the computer would make prospective buyers uninterested in this house. I just wish the someone who thought that and moved it would tell me where they put it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Everyone my age is in shock today. Children of the 80's have lost two icons.

Every little girl in my neighborhood played Charlie's Angels. I never got to be Farrah, I was the plain little brunette girl, so I was Sabrina. I wanted to be Farrah though. I let my mom cut my hair so it would look like Farrah's when I was in fourth grade. Disastrous.

And Michael Jackson? Wow. Thriller was the album in high school. By college we used it to irritate the crap out of our neighbor boys. We would put Beat It on the stereo, turn the volume up to 11 and open all the doors and windows. We'd hear boys slamming doors from every end of the dorm! Even with all the incendiary things written and said about him that no one will ever really know are true or not, you have to respect the music.

Rest in peace.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am now officially throwing my hat in the ring for the ornament position at the Bedford house.

You know, ornament. One of those wives whose husband makes all the money. The one's whose job description entails such things as shopping, volunteerism (the kind where you ask people for money, not the kind where you actually physically have to DO anything) and golf.

I don't know how to golf though, so I'm going to suggest that knitting take its place.

Apparently, this is all I'm qualified to do anyway. I suck at housework, so I figure we can just hire someone to do that for us. And I don't have an official bachelor's degree (even though I went to a prestigious university for four years) since I didn't student teach and finish, and God knows that a stupid piece of paper means more than the experience of going to the school for four years and living twenty years of life raising kids could possibly ever mean.

So my husband has a good job right? All those years being a stay at home mom with no pay (although he insists the food and shelter should have been pay enough), I figure I've earned a few years as "ornament".

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I went to our Alpena Library WWKIP. I couldn't stay long enough for all the fun, because Sophie had softball. But that's ok. I knitted. A little. I tried to spin on a bottom whorl drop spindle. I did not succeed. (I actually thought it was a messed up top whorl spindle without a hook) I took pictures, I just need to unload them.

Meg went, I hope she took pictures. She was there when all the fun was going on. I wonder if they used the ginormous knitting needles Wanda brought? I'm sure she showed everyone how to properly spin with a bottom whorl spindle.

Joe went to Traverse City for three days. I couldn't go because I have to work. It's the Summer Book Club at the library and they won't let you leave unless you are in the hospital, dying. So I'm stuck here while he's over there golfing. I could be shopping people. Do you know how much I miss shopping?

Anyway, I don't work tomorrow or today, so I plan to knit. And watch tv. Maybe some housework, but it is low on the priority scale.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Day of School

I am now the parent of a senior in high school. This my friends should be impossible. The child was born yesterday! I swear, it seems like yesterday and sometimes he does things like lose his cell phone down the passenger seat of his car and not be able to find it, that make him look like he was born yesterday.

And today, his father decided it was ok for him to drive downstate - a four hour trip - by himself! Ok, his dad is driving in front of him for about three hours, but still, what's a mother to do? Luckily Sophie has softball tonight, so I will distract myself until I hear that he has made it. How am I ever going to let him leave for college?

This is the face of the winner of the 5th grade spelling bee! She beat the smartest boy in fifth grade!I have a terrible case of startitis. Started - sock two of the martian sunshines; started - sock one of hypnosis (from awesome Eclectic Sole book); started - Sitcom Chic - I had to start this one because I bought the yarn from my friend Meg who had terrible stash tossing trauma selling me her wonderful $1.00/skein buy of six skeins of Cotton Ease. Seriously, she looked ill. But she did it, and I've got three rows of red sweater cranked out. I've got to find something to make her feel better though. Gonna go toss my own stash!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where Tracy Gets Her Groove Back

That whole travelling sock escapade had me down. I felt guilty and hurt, I so didn't want to knit those socks, but I felt bad knitting anything else. Well, I'm done feeling that way. Here's my Argosy Blankie, my first Finished Project post the socks.Knit for a baby being born this summer. This blanket was so fun to knit. I used Vanna's Choice - gasp - I know it's acrylic. But it was fun to use, it's soft. And since I can't go to my lys anymore, I'm sure I'm banned and I wouldn't want to give them my money anyway, I've been forced to shop for yarn at Wal-Mart. Or the internet! And you can get anything on the internet! And the ladies at Loopy Ewe are not mean to you. It's a bonus.

I joined a Cookie KAL on Ravelry. Here's the June pattern from her new book. It's called Sunshine. I'm calling mine Martian Sunshine - you know, because of the little green men from Mars, and my yarn is green!These are for me. I will appreciate them even if they turn out ugly(which will never happen because it's a Cookie Pattern and I love everything Cookie!). I would never tell myself they were ugly. I would simply be appreciative for their warmth throughout the crazy winter, fall and spring in Alpena, which neccesitate a person wearing woolens.

I don't think the intended recipient of the blankie will be unappreciative either. While I don't expect her to vocalize her appreciation I'm sure she will be feeling it while snuggled up in her new Argosy!

It is so nice to knit for people who appreciate your stuff!