Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Joe!

I'd like to give a shout out to the most wonderful husband in the world who is turning the big 40 today! That would be Joe. My husband!

He's the smartest, most kind-hearted, funny man I've ever known. That's him keeping score for our daughter's softball team. He does that kind of stuff all the time. He's the one doing all the work and getting none of the glory. But trust me, he deserves the glory.

Anyway, I love him and am wishing him a great big world wide web Happy Birthday!

And look, here are two socks on two circs! They are being frogged as we speak, so a picture for posterity!


Linda said...

Happy Big 40 Joe! Have a great day and many more!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Happy birthday to Joe!

I am sorry, though, to inform you on his birthday that he is indeed not the greatest husband in the world. I snagged the greatest husband in the world a looooong time ago. :p Sorry.

I guess since it is his birthday that we will let him be the greatest husband in the world, but just for today. Tomorrow he will have to go back to second greatest husband in the world status, OK?

tracyb said...

if you say so!

Kristina B said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!!!

And a zero birthday to boot. That's a lucky one! (remind me of that, Tracy, when I turn 40 a couple years from now, eh?)

Holly Bee said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

I'm a day late for everything!

As for the socks...I have that dang book too. I refused to frog though! I finished them one at a time. I just get so confused and twisty with 2.

tracyb said...

Me too Holly, I frogged and started over and ended up with the working yarn coming out the middle of the two socks where it couldn't reach a working needle! Agggg. .. I'm doing them one at a time now too.

kristinknits said...

Happy Birthday to Joe! Matt's b-day was Friday ... hooray for awesome husbands!!

Can't wait to see you on Sunday!