Monday, July 7, 2008

The Camera Fairy Stole My Camera

It's missing. Not just misplaced because it's been missing since before the fourth of July! No one in this house will admit to messing with it. However, it is not in the place which I last left it, which is right here by the computer. So you tell me. I suspect Savannah, as the last time I downloaded pictures there were about 20 of her hamming it up and taking pictures of herself. She can't resist that for more than a couple of days so I think I need to go scope out her room.

And oh, I had so many photo ops this weekend! The parade of course, which my dogs and children were in! They walked with the groomer. So cute! Then there was the lameness of the Maritime Festival. Now, if you like the Maritime stuff I'm sure it was ok, but when you are used to a regular carnival like we have downstate every fourth, this one made me sad. It really was all about the ships.

The fireworks were pretty cool though. We sat on the huge rocks at the side of Lake Huron and watched the fireworks over the water. It was rocker. This year they had new ones (to me anyway) They would start of like those big balls of white points and then the points would all melt into each other like snow!

The next day I could have taken pictures at our friend's cabin at Hubbard Lake. It was a beautiful day and I remembered sun block so I didn't burn! Sophie was finding petoskey stones and catching crawdads! One that they caught was looking like he suffered from some sort of pollution or something, he was missing his front pincers and an antennae. Our friend Lily made some killer Pina Coladas!

Yesterday was chill day, but I could have taken pictures of the strawberries Savannah picked on the fifth and that we made into Strawberry Smoothies! Yum. Alas, no pictures, but I hope the description kept you all interested until I find the dang camera!

I'm still knitting away on my Tapestry scarf, almost through one skein. It's curling horribly at the edges, but I'm hoping blocking will straighten it out. And five of my 11 squares for the Not Your Ordinary Block Exchange have come in so far! It 's so exciting getting stuff in the mail! Speaking of , I need to mail my squares for the Hopps for Hope Lodge Afghan to Holly.

Gotta jet!

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