Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Heat's Bringin' Out the Crazies

First, a wee bit of knitting to take the edge off . . . . .
Here are my new socks, made from Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in some sort of brownish purply color (love it!) The pattern is Cabletini, you can find it on The Loopy Ewe under free patterns if the link doesn't work which is highly likely! But I'm gonna call 'em "Mochatini" you know, after those hideous drinks that look all pretty like chocolate but taste like straight vodka. I know some of you may enjoy those, but I prefer my drinks to be fruity and not taste like alcohol! (Even though I need some in it!)
Isn't the cable pretty? You may have noticed that I found my camera. Well, Savannah found it when she was cleaning up the loft. Look at the picture below. . . .
Evidence! She totally misplaced it, especially since this was NOT the only picture of her! There were like 20! Can you tell it's totally a self-portrait? Love it.

The crazy new mom next door (I say new as a way to excuse her behavior, but really, her kids are 6, she should be more broken in by now) has banned her children from playing with mine because they are too old. Now look, it's not like my 12 and 10 year olds are banging down their door to ask them to play, it's quite the other way around. And all they want to do is get Sophie to play softball with them or do crafts. But apparently( since she used this line with me - I know what I was doing when I was 12) she thinks all 12 year olds are little pervs or something.

I tried to explain to her that Sophie was a young 12. I don't think she thinks its a good thing to have a 12 year old who isn't really interested in boys yet (she thinks they are gross and they are, witness her brother) or doesn't care about Abercrombie and Fitch or all the crap the mean girls gossip about. HELLO! Rookie mistake!

I believe that you should expose your kids to lots of stuff when they are still under your control, so you can explain things to them, tell them why something is dangerous or stupid. Older kids can be good or bad influences. As long as the older kid your kid wants to hang out with isn't doing drugs or something, use it as a lesson if they are doing something you don't like. And trust me, Sophie is not doing anything this woman wouldn't like.

But you know this is America, a free world and I'm allowed to parent however I want as long as I don't abuse my kids right? So I guess she is too. I just told Sophie to tell those kids next time they ask to play that their mother won't let them play with older kids. Ha! Then she can deal with the crap, not me!


Kristina B said...

good call on the mom issues (from a childless idiot who knows nothing).

I'm with you on liking drinks with alcohol that don't taste like they have any, and vice versa...

and the socks are great!

Linda said...

Socks are fab! Very pretty cables!

"new mom" sounds a whack job! (this from another childless expert) Next she'll be home schooling her kids so they aren't exposed to ANY other kids. Maybe she needs a mochatini.

Holly Bee said...

Wow to the socks.

Good on ya to you and your mama-ing.

Stank on ya to the other ma. Just because I can.