Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Head F@#$%ing itches!

Ok, my neuroses has completely kicked in. Full force. My head itches like a son of a whore. The girls are lice and nit free, they don't itch at all. My husband has made cursory glances at my head and proclaimed me to have none of the mess. But my head itches people!

Today when we were all at the pool, some sort of microscopic (well almost because if it were truly microscopic I couldn't see it right?) fell on my book. I was convinced it was a louse. I ran home, doused my head with poison, pulled all sheets and blankets off my bed and had a good cry. Then I ran that hideous torturous creepy purple comb through each and every strand on my head. My husband found me freaking out and voluntarily went through more hair than he normally would, bless him. He said my scalp is red. Red like burned. Possibly because I dyed my hair about a week ago, and have doused myself with poison twice in five days. Oh, and I pull it all back super tight in a pony tail so as to avoid any of the critters who might not have survived the bombing with the louse spray. So really, it's irritated and that's probably why it itches. But after looking at pictures on the net for too long (I was gonna post one, but really, they are gross, the stuff of nightmare, and I don't want to subject you to that!) can you blame me?

I swear this is the last post about lice. Knitting from now on, all knitting all the time. Well, maybe some other stuff, but no lice

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