Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photography - hey I'm Learning

That is one of my dad's giant dahlias. He has an entire fence full of them. They are about 12 inches high, with tons of blooms. He's bummed because he thought they would be all different colors, and they ended up being all orange. ( Holly, can you even imagine? A whole fence full of orange and green!) My dahilas? Not even picture worthy - they are about half the size of his and I only have three, and they only seem to bloom one at a time. Oh well, at least they aren't dead.

Those are my dad's roses. He's never done roses before and the bush was a gift from his sister, so he's pretty proud of them. Did I mention that my dad is 86 years old?
And he's really geeked about his hibiscus plants, this is one of two. He got them on the cheap and they are filled with blooms. When we were there this was the only one open, but tons of them are about to open up.

My own yard? Shameful. I did not inherit the green thumb. Mine is more like the thumb of doom for plants. I do have a reasonally successful tomato plant growing at the side of the house, but otherwise the only alive foliage in my yard was planted and is tended to by the neighbor. (Yeah, the one with parenting issues, she's quite the gardner - we all have our strengths and weaknesses!)

I'm still plugging away at my Plurks and Mochatinis - so ALMOST done with both! Next I'm going to attempt once more to knit two socks with two circs. My girls are on vacation so there will be no interruptions, maybe I can pull it off.


Kristina B said...

Love the photos! Guid job!!!

I'm with you - black thumb, not green. Sigh. Kudos to your dad for helping such beauty come into the world...

Linda said...

Your father should be very proud! Beautiful flowers! And nice photos!

kristinknits said...

pretty flower pics!

your dad is adorable & he has a green thumb - that is awesome!

Holly Bee said...

I am in LOVE with with Dahlia!!! Ooooooh! I just want to eat it up!