Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Obsession

I've found a new obsession. Lost. Did you know that ABC has recently placed every single episode online? So I do laundry and watch Lost. I'm almost through season one. And I can't figure out why I never watched it before! It's like a parade of eye candy! I can't pick my favorite!

There is of course, Jack (who I've thought was hot since he played Charlie on Party of Five)
And Sawyer, oh my, those eyes and that whole bad boy thing!
And Sayeed? I don't even have words. I think he's my favorite right now. He's a touch kick ass Iraqi with a sensitive side. Yikes.
And I love Charlie, he's cute too, I just don't have time to cut and paste anymore pictures - I've got to get back to my obsession!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Knitting Math for Dummies

I finished the body of Wisteria last night! It's totally wearable. Now the only chance I have of screwing it up is the sleeves. Much less of a percentage than the whole sweater, and I plan on upping my odds, but having my friend Terry show me how to do two sleeves at the same time on two circs! I'm super hyped about the whole thing.

Also still cranking away on the second Rivendell sock, although I will admit I've taken a break of sorts. I was sucked in by all the spring color on the cover of Creative Knitting. My friend Bonnie is getting married and I thought I could whip up a spring afghan in a couple of weeks with big needles and big yarn right? A couple of problems . . .
1st, once I started knitting? Not so much the spring colors I was going for, more like baby colors. Oh well, I figured they would be good colors for baby Jack, Spinny's grandchild to be, so I continued on.

Next, the f"in pattern sucks. I'm sure it contains mistakes. I also read part of it wrong, but it still has mistakes. Like in one part it says "*k1, inc, repeat from star to end, k1 (202 stitches)". Here's the problem, you start with 135 stitches, if you increase after every stitch, don't you end up with more than 202? I did! Now watch, one of you math whizzes out there will show me up and tell me somehow that works out. But I don't think so.

So I've resorted to spinning to quiet the nervous breakdown this almost caused me. This batch of fluff is never ending. It's spinning up pretty, but it's essentially the same fluff I've spun up before and this pretty blue fluff is waiting for me underneath the white fluff. But I only have one spindle, therefore I must finish the white fluff first.

Well we are soon going to cruise around the greater North East Michigan area, looking for houses. It's what we do for fun on the weekend. Really, what I want to do is see Slumdog Millionaire and Milk but alas, these films are not showing in Alpena. Instead my options include My Bloody Valentine and Bride Wars. Mmm, not so much. I think I'll take my knitting with me in the car.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Being Interviewed!

Linda over at Fat Cat Crochet, got interviewed by one of her blog friends, who requested that she interview people and I said cool, interview me! Here's what she asked :

Has your camera grown legs? Where does it go missing all the time?

I can't see the legs, so I'm assuming that little people make off with it all the time, and on occasion I've been known to put it somewhere so I'll remember where it is, and then promptly forget where that might be!

What made you decide to blog?

My friend Kristin of Kristinknits blogs and I thought it was so cool! I love to write, I love to knit and even if absolutely no one read what I wrote, I still would love doing this! The fact that 2 or 3 people actually read my stuff? Amazing! And, those two or three people have made this move to Alpena bearable for me - thank you cyber friends!

You’ve been knitting and crocheting a long time. What has been your most favorite project? Why?

That's a tough one. Whenever I start a project it becomes my most favorite, or sometimes, the one I hate the most! I'll say right now, one of my favorite patterns is Monkey for socks. It goes quick so is very rewarding.

Worst knitting disaster?

I've had many. The worst? Well, the unfixable balls of knotted up yarn that my dogs get ahold of would probably be the worst, because they mean I can't even try to use the yarn!

If you could do anything, go anywhere, no holds barred, (kids, hubby, pets taken care of, no worries!) What would you do?

Ok, if I could do anything it would be this - instantaneously finish the last three classes of my bachelors degree, and then get a master's in library science. I know that sounds lame, I'm sure lots of people pick sunny vacations and such, but really that's my dream. Oh and I found the camera!


Oh Joyous Day!

George's last day in office. Barack is moving in! Yay! I'm so excited, I almost cry when I see coverage on tv. How crazy is that? I don't care. I'm full of hope. I know stuff won't be fixed right away, but I believe in this man, that he is a good, honest, wise man and that he has the best interests of the people of the United States in his heart.

I'll be at work when he is giving his speech, I'm gonna try and bring it up on the internet, library voices be damned. Patrons should be able to watch too!

And after all that, American Idol is on tonight! Woo hoo!

Better go finish my first Rivendell, I'm gonna find my camera and take pictures soon!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back Up North

And I bet you can guess what it's doing? That's right my friends. Snow. But it's actually very pretty. I didn't even mind snowblowing the driveway after my car wouldn't make it up the hill.

It's probably a bad thing that the computer is so close to the laundry room in my house, because I really should be folding the massive pile of laundry that accumulated in front of the dryer while I was gone. Seriously, people do their laundry and then leave the pile of clean clothes directly in front of the dryer. I don't understand it.

I knitted downstate. I finished one of those Noro/Jared Flood/stripey scarves. Very pretty. Documentation forthcoming. Now I've got to do laundry.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Granny Katherine

My mom passed away last night. We are headed downstate for the funeral. I'm so glad she came up here this summer and so glad I got to see her at Christmas.