Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garbage Day

Joe is in the basement furiously going through the boxes we've had stored down there for about 3 months. My theory? Throw all the shit away - we haven't seen it nor missed it in quite some time. His? Throw it away, oh, except for this, and this, and we might need this someday. So instead of helping him, I'm just staying away because inevitably, we will fight and I don't want to fight today.

So instead, I took pictures of my finished Slave to the Plurk socks! Yeah!
Let's call them Purple Plurkers. I think they are pretty. They are supposed to resemble the way the comments show up on, but I just like them because they are super simple and fit well into my Big Brother/Flipping Out/Project Runway knitting.

Here's a full on shot, but once again, I cannot figure out how to turn the picture around so you get the sideways view.Speaking of Flipping Out, have any of you ever seen it? OMG it's awesome. Bravo on Tuesday nights at 10 people, although on any given day you can catch the reruns. Jeff Lewis is this dude who buys and sells super fancy houses in California. He is potentially the person with the biggest case of OCD I have ever seen! He is the boss from hell, but after you watch a few episodes, you find yourself kind of liking him, maybe even feeling a little sorry for the dude. Check it out. Really.

And I decided to take a picture of the hydrangeas that neighbor lady planted. They are really pretty and a great opportunity for photo practice.
Oh, and I tried and gave up on that whole socks on two circs thing again. Now I'm working on one of the patterns from the book though, Emily's socks, the one's on the cover.


Kristina B said...

Very, very cool socks!

Have not seen Flipping Out. Sounds as though it's right up my alley, though :-)

Holly Bee said...

The socks are insane beautiful!

I am steering clear of that plurk stuff, I'm scared I will be assimilated...

Good work with the floral photo!

Linda said...

Love the socks! Nice job! Beautiful color!

kristinknits said...

Pretty socks Tracy!!!

We miss you at the 'brary! I need someone to discuss the hideous-ness of that brown "dress" on PR last night.

tracyb said...

Kristin- are you referring to the fugly one that lost, or the weird one with the loopy things? I totally told Joe last night the Project Runway makes me miss home cuz we used to totally trash the hideousness the next day! :(