Monday, March 3, 2008

The Great Wet North

Well, I'm here. And it's wet. White and wet. Inside and out. It's raining right now,which I don't so much mind because it means the temperature is above freezing and I'm all about that. But guess what? It's gonna turn to snow later. That's outside.

Inside why is it wet you ask? Oh, because I live with two puppies and an incontinent old lady dog. My husband said the puppies got it, you know, that they would totally pee and poop outside. And they do. They also pee inside. Right after they've peed outside!!!! Help. Our backyard has no fence, it drops down about 20 ft. to a creek and there is a massive great dane who lives next door. This wasn't a problem a week ago, because both puppies were too small to go off the deck. Now one is big enough and he wants to explore. Fine, except I'm not exploring with him because there are feet of snow out there! So when he goes out all I am doing is yelling at him "Step away from the edge mister!" and he gets distracted and can't poop. What am I going to do? And Nona, my old dog, she's protesting. "Hello? Why do I have to poop and pee in all this snow? Really? I don't think so" . You can totally see her thought process. Then inside you turn your back and there is a huge puddle of pee.

We are getting an electric fence. Today. That should help with the puppies. It may kill Nona, I'm not sure. How much of a zap can an old dog take? But I will not have my new house smell like dog urine. I'm drawing the line!

No camera, no pictures. My son is still down south till the semester ends and his camera is with him. I think I'm going to buy myself a camera with my last check from the library. I'm going to research it on the internet like a good girl, instead of buying on impulse, like I normally do. Impulse buying should only apply to yarn.

Speaking of yarn, I'm about halfway through my shawl. I dug it out of the moving boxes last night. I am almost to the heel of my second monkey sock, but I'm gonna set that one aside until I finish the shawl. Then, I bought new yarn for a cobblestone sweater. It's a men's pattern, but sometimes I like a big,baggy sweater. It reminds me of my youth. Back in the late 80's that's how we wore our shirts, nice and baggy. Don't worry, I'm not going to relive the 80's, I've seen some pictures on ravelry of the cobblestone on women and it looks nice! I'm so excited, but I will control myself. I shall not cast on until ..... well, until I need to.

Gotta go let the dogs out!


Matt Church said...

I didn't know you had a blog! How great--I should have known! Kristin is really going to miss you!

tracyb said...

I was so jealous of Kristin's blog, I had to have one for myself! I will totally miss Kristin, too, so you guys will have to come visit after your honeymoon!

Ms. Melissa McDermid said...

Tracy - Great blog! GOod luck with the puppies! I'll have to send you a picture of the FAT HAT I'm going to make with some blizzard yarn!

Be well up there!

tracyb said...

Thanks Mel! For sure send a picture, can't wait to see it! I gotta get me some of that blizzard stuff!