Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter (or is it?)

It's lonely up here. I can't remember the last time I spent Easter without my family or my husband's family. No one came to visit, and frankly, this pisses me off a little bit. I mean, come on people! It's three hours away, we have a new house. If it was me, I would want to see my sister's new house. But whatever, I get it's the holiday, people want to relax. (Can you sense the hostility?)

I frogged the mini-argyle beret. Why? Because I was knitting it, in the round, and I kept coming up short some stitches. Different amounts of stitches in every round! That was not supposed to happen. There was something like 192 stitches, and I just couldn't stomach the thought of going back through the five or so rounds I had and finding where I screwed it up. Solution? Riiiiiipit!

So I cast on for another sock. It's called sock of kindness - which ok, I will admit, I need some of right now. I'm using my Christmas sock yarn, Schaefer Heather. I think it looks kind of cool.

I want to knit a scarf, but an easy one. And I'm limited by my stash, so it has to be one that doesn't use up a lot of yarn, because I only have like two skeins of any kind of yarn in my stash. I was thinking about the basketweave scarf from Stitch-n-Bitch Nation, but when I was browsing I saw Wavy Gravy. I have some pretty Manos del Uruguay Orange yarn and some Cascade Pastaza cream colored. I think those two might look pretty together in that scarf. I think I'm going to try it. Wish me luck.

Joe is letting the girls cook again. I don't think chefdom is in their futures. Poor things, every recipe they try to follow never turns out. They must have inherited my cooking gene. Right now they are fighting, because Sophie thinks she is the boss of the kitchen and she has ousted Savannah. Savannah, who believes everything should be fair, (like is Sophie gets two pairs of socks for Easter, she better damn well get two also. Yesterday we went to Gaylord to explore and told them they could each buy one thing. Sophie bought sun glasses for $12.50. Savannah picked out a shirt on sale for $7. She tried to say she should get the money for the difference, but we pointed out that we had said one thing, and had not specified the price. It took about a half hour of negotiations to get her to stop! But we won.) is complaining loudly to her father that even though she is eating sugar straight from the jar, she should still be allowed to participate because Sophie is! (Sophie mind you, is not eating sugar from the jar)

I'm going to go throw the stash, find some needles and start my Wavy Gravy scarf. I should be well on the way by the time Big Brother comes on tonight. I'm excited for tomorrow, my friends, the ladies from the View will be back. I need to get out of the house!!!!!!


Kristina B said...

Looking fab... all your stuff, Tracy.

I admire those who can knit socks. I can't. If you want proof of this check out my blog - link at the left sidebar under "Innocent Victims of Craftdaftness".

And yes, I agree... your family should have driven 3 hours to be with you.

Holly Bee said...

I love you!

You are awesome, and, and, messed up cooking, is, uh, adventure cooking!!!

tracyb said...

yea, I'm teaching them to be responsible cookers! And adventurous!