Thursday, March 13, 2008


Pictures! This is part of my backyard.
This is the view out of my front door.

This is my new camera, with which I took the preceeding and proceeding photos! I am camera shy, thus the shot of me trying to edge my way out of the photo!
And this is some of the yarn I bought on my first expedition to the my new lys! It's called "Fun" from Ironwood Yarns, in Nevada. It's super bulky, but has super thin spots too. I don't know what to do with it. Some people on ravelry have it stashed, but there are only two projects and neither appeals to me. I guess I just have to wait until inspiration strikes.

Working on some socks from Favorite Socks. Wavy cables or some such title, with my other lys purchase, a really pretty skein of Cherry Tree Hill supersock. Fun stuff. Pictures of that tomorrow and pictures of my finished "moving monkeys". The shawl is winging it's way to hollyb so she can give it to the Threadbear people, so no pictures. That's ok, because it turned out so small . . . . Someone will enjoy it though, I hope.


Kristina B said...

Very fun yarn! Congrats on the new camera too. I love mine as you can tell...

cool blog! Thanks for linking me.

tracyb said...

I hope that was ok . . . I'm new to all this blog etiquette! But I totally dig reading your blog and wanted to share!

Holly Bee said...

The shawl turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!
It's not too small at all! All size people get cancer! It will totally brighten someones day!

Your camera is rockin the blog life!

Good job!!!

tracyb said...

Thank you Holly!