Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My First Sweater!

Here it is, the Tangled Yoke Sweater! Finished in all it's glory! This is the best picture, the color is pretty much right on. (I don't know why this is underlining everything! Sorry!)Here is a picture of the perfect buttons! Notice the celtic design to go along with the celtic-y cable of the tangled yoke! Yeah.
A full on body shot. I kinda jacked up the button band. I'm not so good with numbers and decided to go for it without doing the math. But hey, it's my first sweater. I still think it looks pretty good. No back shot, because I messed up the cable back there a little. Not bad, and my hair will cover it, but I still don't think I should document it with photos!
Oh, and this next shot? I wore it to my going-away-dinner for the library, and when I came home, there was a hole in the armpit! I have to fix it, but I can't find a yarn needle anywhere in this moving mess! It's my mission for tonight.

Oh Project Runway is on tonight! So excited! I shall work on the "cancer cape" shawl, it allows me to knit and watch tv at the same time. Awesome! This allows me to pour all kinds of good thoughts into the shawl, such as joy, laughter, peace, hope and love! I love knitting and watching tv. Throw the whole charity and making someone else feel loved in, and it's like a perfect night!

Also have a pair of monkeys started with some old yarn. I'm saving my smooshy yarn for up north when I'm missing my library peeps. I'll pour myself a cup of coffee in my new library mug and cast on a nice, challenging pair of socks for myself and remember all the good times at the BML.


Ms. Melissa McDermid said...

Congrats on completing your 1st Sweater!

Hooray! Yippee!!! Good Job!!!

Applause! Applause!

tracyb said...

Thank you very much (taking a bow) and your scarf looks very pretty!

kristhew said...
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kristinknits said...

Those buttons are perfect. Great job!

Holly Bee said...

I am soooo proud of you!!! It's wonderful, and awesome!!! Rock on!

tracyb said...

Thank you Holly!