Tuesday, March 11, 2008

self-control may be overrated

I'm displaying much self-control today. I am not buying the camera that I really, really want. Today. I'm not casting on for the cobblestone sweater, even though I've finished the monkey socks and the charity shawl (although it is quite small, more of a shawl for a child, but chock-full of good thoughts anyway). I've come to the conclusion that self-control sucks!

I have no camera to take pictures of the finished shawl and finished monkeys! The shawl will be flying away to E. Lansing before I can document that it actually existed! The socks will still be here, but they never look as pretty, once they've been washed, and I'll have to wash them because I'm wearing them right now :)

I'm not so upset about the cobblestone because I have some of the cool new Noro sock yarn, and I'm going to cast on a pair of jaywalkers as soon as I'm done here. Won't the jaywalkers look cool with this yarn? Noro stripes in such an attractive way, I can't wait to see them. The yarn in the skein looks like it wouldn't be so comfortable as far as socks go, but I've heard many people say that it softens up considerably once you wash it.

Well, writing about it is making me lose the self-control to finish this blog entry so I believe I'm going to have to cut it short! Maybe next time there will be pictures!


kristinknits said...

You need to get yourself a camera. : ) I wanna see the shawl. Picture phone??

tracyb said...

Yeah, but I can't figure out how to get the pictures from the phone to the computer!

tracyb said...

Oh! Joe said we can buy a camera tonight! Yay!

Kristina B said...

I agree - self control is overrated... :-)