Monday, June 30, 2008

Tales of the Orange and Green

Two more squares done for the Hopps for Hope Lodge afghan. I'm liking these two. For my other afghan-a-long I did only one color squares. I really like the two color squares. And I really like the orange and green. Before I met Holly I would not have said I liked those two colors together. Holly - you've converted me. I dig 'em.
The one above is just diagonal garter stitch , you know, you start out with three stitches and every other row you k1, y0 and knit the rest of the row so it keeps increasing, then when you get halfway, you k1, yo k3tog until you get back down to 3 stitches. Fun and easy, perfect tv watching knitting.

The one below I found on line, I think at, and I'm pretty sure it's called star stitch. You would knit a couple for a border, yo, k3, slip the first k over the next two and repeat. Next row was all purls. Next row k3, slip the first stitch over the next two, yo and repeat. I think. You should probably check the pattern on this one. But it was also really easy once you got going and I think it's pretty.

I took the close ups because it shows how pretty the stitches are (please excuse that moment of self promotion there) and also because the long shot emphasized that fact that maybe my squares aren't totally square. Witness . . .

Oh well the good thing about sewing squares together is you can make it work, right? Channel Tim Gunn, whoever sews up this square and if I'm there during the sewing up, I promise to sew up my own misshapen squares.


Linda said...

These are beautiful! Nicely done! I wouldn't worry about wonky squares, compared to HollyB's ovals (hehe)these will be a cinch to sew together!

Holly Bee said...

Hey! Your wonky squares with my ovals should make a perfect parallelogram.

They are so beautiful! I love the close up photos!

This is really turning out to be such an awesome project!

Knit and fall back in it said...

I love the close-ups. Beautiful stitches.

Blocking is a knitting miracle. you can block them right in to a square.

Kristina B said...

Amazing work! Now I'm ashamed. Would you believe that in all of that gigantic stash I have very little of either green or orange, and none of it will work together. Sigh.