Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Traverse City Yarn Store

We literally made it into the yarn store five minutes before it closed! (at 5:00) We left so late from here, about 2:30 and it takes 2 1/2 hours to get to Traverse City, so I figured we wouldn't eve make it. I didn't even get my hopes up. I decided to be content with the fact that I could go to Target.

We rolled into TC at about 4:45. We didn't even really have a map, I had printed one out, but forgot to bring it. I figured Joe wouldn't even care, but he did the most surprising thing. He insisted that we find it! And we did!

It was a nice little yarn store, but I tell ya, I still miss my lys's in Metro Detroit. It was a shame I only had a few minutes to shop though because the hubbo whipped out the credit card without even looking at the prices! Had I only known . . . As it was I only bought a skein of green Plymouth Encore and 3 skeins of yummy Plymouth Happy Feet sock yarn! I'll take pictures later today, maybe outside because the sun has made a rare appearance.

The mall was fun. Sophie enjoyed it immensely. We went to Limited Too. For those of you without pre-teen girls, it is THE place to shop. It's also hideously expensive. But when they have a sale going on it's ok. Sophie got some sunglasses and some cute little shorts.

I bought the new Janet Evanovich book. I know I could wait for it from the library, but without my connections, I would be waiting until the next one came out! So I bought it. Yay!

I'm boring myself when I read this post so I will cut it off now! Pictures tomorrow!


Knit and fall back in it said...

Sounds like you had fun. Any day you can get your hubby into the yarn store without looking at prices is a good day!

Holly Bee said...

Yarn? Running around the mall? Not boring! Crazy arm wailing fun!

kristinknits said...

Hey - are you still in town? Call me!!!