Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Which Tracy Gets Her Groove Back

I was in a knitting funk while we were downstate. Before we left, I knit this much sock in one day. I thought I had actually ended my knitting career, my hand was all hobbled up and arthritic looking and it hurt so bad I actually put a heating pad on it! So when we went downstate, even though I took a square and this sock with me (and bought 4 skeins of sock yarn, needles and the book "Two Socks at a Time" - the magic loopy one) I knit nothing. Nothing.

Then I came home and saw all the progress people were making on the squares for the Barbara J. Hopps afghan for the Hope Lodge and knew I had to get back to the squares! I can't be shown up on squares made for a blanket with my sister's name on it can I? Well, yes. I can. But I am still putting forth my best creative effort. Witness . . . .
I don't know if you can see it, but embossed on this square is the sign language sign for "I Love You". I thought that would be appropriate. I love my sister, and sending out love to the people at Hope Lodge seemed like a good thing.

I absolutely loved Holly's two color block and all the two color crochet blocks from FatCat so I wanted to do one too.
That is a puppy nose in there. I picked up the camera and all of the sudden he turned into a ham! He demanded to be in the picture. Nothing I could do. Those are my skeins of Vanna White acrylic. Now, I am not a huge fan of acrylic, but given how expensive an afghan could be made with wool, I'm thinking I might be buying some more Vanna for my own afghan. It knits up pretty nice I think. It feels a weensy bit like Plymouth Encore, but you can tell it's not wooly. But it's soft and still holds it's shape so I like it.

Anyway, I found both those block patterns online. I don't remember where. The I Love You Sign came from somewhere on ravelry. If you like it, you can look up Savannah's Blankie on rav, and the lady who made that, has the entire sign language alphabet all patterned up for you!

So I'm off to knit some more.


Linda said...

LOVE your "I love you" block! Makes me wish I could knit! Thanks for the compliments on my blocks. They were so fun to make.

Knit and fall back in it said...

That is a beautiful square. What a perfect touch to this project.

Holly Bee said...

I love it! It's wonderful! The perfect touch!

Holly Bee said...

Argh, I didn't mean to copy, I was reading and typing.

It really is a sweet addition and a great way to add a special "I love you."