Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Puppies Walking

That's Bits and Kibbles going for a walk. Notice how Bits appears to be running. Well, really he's trying to run. He's pulling so hard at the leash that he makes constant hacking noises and he doesn't stop! Poor Kibs is running as fast as his little legs will carry him and he never even manages to pull his leash taut.

Joe says I'm supposed to make Bits walk beside me. How? I've yanked him back to my side a gazillion times and he just doesn't care! He wants to run!!!

It's so funny because our older dog, Nona, she loves going for a walk for the smells. She is constantly stopping to sniff people's yards, fire hydrants, electrical poles, whatever presents itself. Bits' nose is always on the ground but he never stops. He doesn't even stop to poop. He poops while he runs. Kibs begs to be picked up about halfway through our walk/run because he's too tired to continue. I don't blame him. I'm winded myself.

I'm home now, the puppies are sleeping in their crate and I'm going to knit some more squares for my Not Your Ordinary Block Exchange on Ravelry. It's fun, but the gauge thing is frustrating me. I've been stealing stitch patterns from socks that I've made! Some people are knitting 12 of the same sqaure. No way could I do that, I would be totally bored and never finish. So I'm jazzing it up with some different stuff. Plus, I must admit, I'm not being project faithful as witnessed by the previous entries about socks and shawls and such. :)


Linda said...

My sisters boxer mix thinks she's a sled dog too. The pet store recommended a Gentle Leader® Easy Walk™ Harness (an example can be seen here
http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3307+4+14142&pcatid=14142). She said it's a miracle worker. It lets you redirect the dog to the side, instead of pulling back on the throat. I'm sure you could use just about any harness avail and just clip the leash to the front. Here's hoping you become the Pack Leader soon!

Knit and fall back in it said...

When my 80 lb dog wants to go somewhere, he drags me like a rag doll. If I want him to go somewhere that he doesn't want to go he just flops down and can't be moved.

He knows who's boss, I tell ya. And I'm afraid I do too.

Holly Bee said...

My Berger, who is 110# is well, an excellent skijorer.

Good luck with the puppy walks!!

Summer knitting is supposed to be, uh, inconsistent, you know, like the weather!