Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy Summer Happenings

In the name of trying to fit in up here, this weekend we went to RiverFest. And guess what? I brought my camera!

My dad came up this weekend to visit. Here he is with Joe, watching the wonderful LumberJack performance!

This was the highlight of RiverFest. Log rolling, ax throwing and general all around craziness with power and hand tools. While not at the top of my list of a good time, it went ok. They also had a crafts tent that the girls totally enjoyed and there was even a person spinning wool! (Of course I forgot to take my camera out of my purse at that point).

Still knitting squares. Almost done with all my NYOBE squares. Then I will let myself start my Hopps for Hope squares. Discipline people. Well, not so much. I seem to be suffering from second sock syndrome. Here is my Alpaca Sox Monkey.

Almost done, except I can't find a darning needle. I started it on Friday and had a marathon knitting session today while watching "The Other Boleyn Girl". This movie was awesome. Have you all read the book? Read it. Seriously, one of the best books I've ever read. And the movie, as all movies made from books, not as good as the book, but definitely worth watching.

It's just me and Sophie and Joe here this week. Joseph went to AirForce camp. He thinks he wants to join the Air Force. I keep telling myself if I tell him what a stupid idea that is he will just think it's the best thing in the world to do, so I keep my mouth shut and wait for the phase to pass. Not that I have anything against the armed services, Joe is a veteran, I just think it's really a dumb time to join right now.

Savannah went downstate with my dad. She is going to the mall today! She's so excited. There are no malls around here. They have something they like to call the Alpena Mall, but trust me, it's not really a mall.

Sophie is going to the Talented and Gifted summer program this week. (just a little shameless bragging there) Today she learned to stand up while having her arms hooked with someone elses behind their backs. It's supposed to be fun. She assured me it was.

Tomorrow afternoon Joe is taking us to Traverse City with him. I can't wait! I hear there are yarn stores there! Gonna google 'em in a minute! And supposedly, Traverse City has a real mall! I'll charge up my camera and show you all how the trip went soon!


Knit and fall back in it said...

If he's going to join the military, then the Air Force is the way to go. I say that for two reasons:

1. My father and my husband are Airmen, well my father is retired, but once an Airman always and Airman, you know. And...

B. It's definitely the safest way to go. Nothing like the Marines or the Army. There are always risks, but the Air Force is usually on a base 75-100 miles (or more) from the hotspots.

tracyb said...

I know. My husband says it's safer than being a civilian in a car. As a mom though, you might as well just put me in a Xanax coma if he joined because I would never stop being worried.

Kristina B said...

Socks are looking great! I like the photos too. :-)

Holly Bee said...

Loads of awesome all the way around!

xoxo for the stress, thumbs up for the log rolling, and !!! for the t and g. You deserve to brag :) about all of it!!