Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super White Christmas

First let me just mention that the above picture was about six inches of snow ago.

In Detroit, if it snowed before Christmas you would cross your fingers that it would stay cold enough that the snow wouldn't melt before Christmas day. There is no way the snow if melting here before Christmas. It could be a whopping 50 degrees and the snow still would not have time to melt before Christmas because there is so much of it! Check this out, we've had a Winter Storm Watch posted in the corner of the local tv station all weekend long! It say "Winter Storm Watch for NE Michigan until Monday". One of the many things I've never experienced in my 40 years of life until I moved up here. (Like paying with a personal check at a restaurant! What?!?)

Anyway I've come to terms with the snow. There is no doubt it is beautiful. And when it snows it doesn't seem so cold. And it's pretty cool to sit in front of the fireplace (gas log - I'm allergic to the real stuff) and watch the fat flakes falling in the woods behind my house. Very Christmasy.

I'm rocking along on the Wisteria sweater. I love it. I'm knitting it with cheap circs, the kind that the cable turns in on itself, but since I'm almost done with the yoke chart, the weight of the sweater is making the cable stretch out and now it's fun!


Linda said...

Whoa! That's a lot a snow! And not even all of it! Oh but it is pretty and I am a bit envious.

Holly Bee said...

The sweater is LOVELY!

Snow? I hadn't noticed...