Monday, December 1, 2008



1. Look what I found this morning when I opened my front door. (pic. 1)

Guess what? It's a snow day.

Check out my deck,(pic 2.) and just FYI the branches on this skinny tree by the deck are so weighed down with snow they are leaning over the edge of the deck and oddly enough they look decidedly phallic! No pictures, this is a almost g-rated blog!

Back in August, Holly and I bought yarn to do a knit along. Yummy Briar Rose Wistful yarn. I've been knitting my socks and mittens and squares and waiting for the right time to start a knit-a-long, and I just can't wait anymore. Holly can just catch up with me later. (pic 3)

Anyway, the pattern calls for 700 yards of yarn and I only have 500. So I took out one of the repeats in the pattern (which the pattern tells you how to do, yay!) and I'll maybe take a couple out of the length. Anyone think that will be enough? I'm clueless, just rushing headlong into a project when I know I don't have enough yarn, that's me!

Well the kids are still asleep so I think I will go knit until the chaos begins!
And can I just say Internet Explorer sucks ass, it won't let me move the pictures around! Back to Foxfire for me!


Holly Bee said...

Dang it Tracy!!!

I want to knit a long, I'm just bogged down in stupid stuff...

Yes, charity and holiday gifts count as stupid stuff if you get to work with Briar Rose!!

It's snowy here too :(

Linda said...

HOLY CRAP! Look at the snow! THat is so cool though, well from here in SC it is. I just love a good fluffy snow like that. It's just so pretty. What pattern are you knittting? Can Chris dye up some more Wistful? Does anyone on Rav have any stashed you can trade or buy? Just a thought.
) (
/ \ Snow angel!