Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ode to White

Oh White

You are everywhere

The sky above

The ground below

Over the water

Flying through the air

Go the F*&^ away!

Seriously, it's the second snow day in a row here. Everything is white. The mailbox is almost covered. People put little orange balls on the antenna of their cars so the snow plows don't plow them over. There seems to be a temporary lull right now, I see an yellow orbish shape through the blinds, could it be the sun? I've got to go, I need some vitamin D!


Linda said...

Hey! That's good knittin' weather!

Holly Bee said...

Shelly had to get a happy lite to put on her desk. I've been downing such high doses of vitamin d that I'm afraid I may turn into superhero.

A snow hating, hot pants knitting superhero, but really could we expect anything else?