Monday, December 8, 2008

Look What I Got!

Holly,(scroll to 12/23) Kristin (scroll down to Valentine's Day), look what I got!
Yep, the much awaited (or dreaded?) Amish Friendship Bread! I only say dreaded because I'm not sure I know enough people to give it away to! I do however, love watching it grow, especially when it starts moving of its own volition across the countertops, remember Kristin? My neighbor gave it to me, I'm sure she was searching her brain for people to give it to too.

Look what else I got. That's the snow I was telling you about. Guess what? It's supposed to snow six more inches today! Last night at our library party people were telling me how unusual this is, for it to snow everyday for like three weeks. Uh huh. That's exactly what people told me when I moved up here in February and it snowed everyday for like three weeks.
I know the west side is getting hammered too, and even some places over by Detroit, so it's really not just Northern Michigan, it's Michigan. Why do we choose to live here again? Because it's pretty, right?

And here are my boring socks. Pink. They are ok, they'll probably go in one of the girls' Christmas stockings - I'm pretty sure they are over Santa, although we tell all of them if they tell us they don't believe, they aren't getting any gifts, so we live under the pretense that Santa still visits the Bedford home!

Off to smoosh my bread!


Linda said...

Oh but it's a pretty, fluffy snow! Sure beats that heavy, slushy, crap snow. Course we might get a 1/4 inch here sometime late January. I loved the snow in Colorado.

Holly Bee said...

Oh!!!! You have Amish Bread and SNOW MADNESS!!! It's so Michigan...

kristinknits said...

Remember how ugly my friendship bread was? It tasted yummy, but it was hideous!