Friday, December 12, 2008

My Own Yarn!

I finished a scarf knit from yarn I spun and dyed! How cool is that? And it doesn't even look too bad!
I started an Odessa with some yarn which I mistakenly thought was Malabrigo sock yarn. It was really Malabrigo silky wool, too good for my feet. Not for my head though!

I got a package in the mail from the Loopy Ewe. My first. You could say my Loopy Cherry has been popped, but that would just be juvenile and gross, right?
And here's a funny and something to be wary of if you have children who will someday drive in the snow. You might think they are so little and it's far away and such, but trust me, yesterday my boy was 2 and now he's almost 17, so just sayin . . .

There is this stupid kid in our sub, who is 17 (not my kid) and drives a little gold pick up truck like a maniac. Seriously, I drive my car like a little old woman around these winding, snowy, roads which are bordered by like 2 feet high snow walls and trees. All it takes is a little too much gas and it's over people. I mean like stuck, getting people to help dig you out or you are stuck 'til the thaw.

Well obviously he was going TOO FAST around the curve and buried himself in a 2 ft snow pile! I'm hopin' I can take a picture, it should still be there. I'm pretty sure he hit the tree (he's not hurt) and had to be towed out by his older brother! My son saw the aftermath, thank goodness, although his little Toyota Camry would have probably just bounced off the snowbank, no way would it have climbed up it!

The moral is if you get your kid a car, get a little one with airbags and tell him not to be stupid and please drive SLOWLY, and cross your fingers and hope for the best because really, that's all you can do! Yikes!


Holly Bee said...

Wow! What a post!

I can't believe that scarf is from your own yarn! You are a natural!

My future scarf will be a bit more of an art piece.

In the snow until the thaw...that would be June!

Linda said...

Beautiful scarf! Love the color.