Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My camera is incognito. I remember taking a picture of the dogs right after their baths (they look like skinny little wet rats) and I must have put it down by the sink, but I can't find it. Oh well, I know it will show up soon.

Maybe I can't find it because I subconsciously don't want to take a picture of the ugliness that is my current WIP. It's a crocheted baby blanket and it's hideous. The worst part is that it's something that someone from my husbands work asked me to make for her and offered to pay me! I'm going to have to frog it. On the plus side, I did manage to crochet something in the shape of a sqaure! On the negative side, I crocheted about 20 squares which will soon be useless to me. Ahhhhh!

Another WIP is one I love though. It's a sock, Parephernalia, found on rav and made from some pretty pink Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I love the cable, twisting pretty down one side of the sock. I'm worried though, that I won't have enough yarn for the second sock. I shouldn't have even said it, I probably just cursed myself. That would totally suck.

I have a dilemma. We are going downstate this weekend and the local lys down there is having an anniversary sale! They have new yarns, like Alpaca With a Twist Sock Yarn and Noro Silk Garden sock yarn - I've never seen them before! And if you spend $25.00 you get a cool bag. But then, at the end of September, I'm going to go to the Norhtern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival in West Branch and of course I know I'll see stuff there that I've never seen and want to buy! My dilemma is this. I have no money. Now, my husband has money, which technically is also mine, but in the past (read when I had a job!) I used my own money for yarn and no one cared. Now, as I've mentioned before my husband gets a little testy when he sees the quantity of yarn in our house, and still is witnessing new yarn coming in. Understandable from a non-knitter. I figure I can get away with one spree. I know I should wait for the Wool Festival, but I love going to the LYS down state. Help!

Well, I guess I'll go search for the camera.


Holly Bee said...

I'm having the same sorts of troubles. Horrible mini heels on socks, ugly, no, fugly objects of knitted fury, and no money to buy more yarn to make more ugly stuff.

We need to find a way to use our awesome to make money...for yarn.

Linda said...

Yard Sale! or Ebay. There's got to be some stuff under that stash you (or the kids) forgot they had. he-he!