Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Can't Wait for Snow

Yes, you heard me right. Snow. Nice clean white stuff, that coats the muddy backyard. So when the dogs come back in the house after a nice marathon chase session, the white one won't be black! I've washed the damn dog once this morning, let him out to poop, and he's filthy again! I'd take a picture but of course the batteries are dead in the camera.

Otherwise, fall is beautiful in Northern Michigan. So far it's not cold, sunny, blue skies and pretty leaves falling from trees. Oh, and the kick ass Lake Huron which I got to admire up close yesterday when we went to the shin dig at the Yacht Club thrown by some people from Joe's work. It was totally my kind of shin dig. Let's put it in perspective, I wore black khaki pants and a cute shirt and I was overdressed! There was steak and baked potatoes and about six different desserts and I didn't have to do a thing but eat and look out the window at the waves!

Still waiting to hear about the library job I interviewed for. Really, I don't see how they can't hire me, they use the same computer system I did and I've done that job for seven years, and I know if they called my references they would get awesome reports because they loved me back at the Blair Memorial Library! :) We'll see.

Getting ready for the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival. Going to meet Knit With Snot there and sew up the Hopps for Hope Blanket. If anyone who made squares for the blanket reads this, thank you for making them. I know my sister (she of the Hopps) would have loved it. And on the subject, October is Breast Cancer Month, actually I think they might have changed it to Women's Cancer Month, which is good. So go get your pap smears and mammograms.

Gotta go clean puppies.


Linda said...

I like snow too! 20+ years I lived in Chicago, 5 in the NW Colorado mountains, 5 in central western New Jersey; lots n' lots of snow! 10 in the South, not so much here, just the occasional kind (usually less than an inch) that makes you say "Oooo, pretty!". Don't miss the shoveling though :)

kristinknits said...

Wanna see pics of Charlotte? They are finally on the blog!

PS: EK gave you a glowing review! : ) YAY!

Holly Bee said...

Oh, I hope you got the job! That would be sweet!

Rock on super seamstress of the Hopps for Hope Project!