Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ah Youth

Remember Shaun Cassidy? Da Doo Ron Ron Ron, Da Doo Ron, Ron! Andy Gibb? Love is . . . Thicker than Water! Remember Michael Jackson before he turned into a total freak? I've probably totally dated myself. Who did you worship as a tween?

These, my friends who don't have tweens, are the latest obsession at my house and in the tween world. The Jonas Brothers, also known as the Jo' Bros. Kevin, Joe and Nick. Sophie has developed a little shrine for them in her room, this being the centerpiece, on the wall behind her bed. Nick is her favorite with Joe being a close second. Joe has very thick eyebrows, thus demoting him in her book. And she thinks Kevin is gross. He's old after all. 18! Anyone remember Hanson? Think Hanson for the 2000's.

Just thought I'd share. On to knitting . . .

I present . . . the Parade of Socks!

Starting with Paraphernalia
Followed by Mochatini
and finishing it off, Spring Forward!
The mochatinis I started ages ago, I got tired of the cables. The Spring Forwards I finished in like three days! So fun and easy. And the Parphernalia's are my favorites! They took a couple of weeks, but I love the way the cables twist up the sides!

And here we have the sum total of my productivity yesterday, an 2/3 complete back side of the Celtic tote. It looks cooler in person and I'm sure when I sew the dark yarn around the cables and felt it, it will look even cooler. I'm a little worried about gauge. It seems a little small. But I have a front loading washer so I'm sure it won't felt as much as if I threw it in a regular washing machine, right?
Whoa, I thought I had made that picture up there disappear. I hit backspace too many times and it was gone! Thank heavens for undo!


Linda said...

Ooooo! I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. I will learn to knit. (500 times........)

Holly Bee said...

It's so awesome...the whole post.

The Jonas Brothers are like not age appropriate, non dirty Maroon 5! (I would totally be in love with them if I was in 5th grade though)
Now who is dating themselves?


Linda, I learned to knit, you can too!!! It's fun, and fancy!

Knit and fall back in it said...

I loved Shaun Cassidy and my daughter was all about the New Kids on the Block.

kristinknits said...

Here are my crushes by the grade I was in:
4th grade - Michael Jackson
5th grade - George Michael (Wham!)
6th grade - Morten (A-ha) & Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future)
7th grade - Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains)
8th grade - Bono (U2), Michael Hutchence (INXS) & Johnny Depp