Monday, September 22, 2008

Stash Reduction

I've been knitting . . . and crocheting. I've been bitten by the bug. Although the knitting bug is calling me back. Maybe because I'm crocheting with -gasp- acrylic yarn! Have you noticed though, that it is much cheaper to knit with good yarn than it is to crochet? Crochet takes up much more yarn, so say you want to make a baby afghan, really if you make it out of acrylic (which this one is actually kind of pretty with a shiny thread twisted in) it costs about $12. If I were going to use superwash wool or even Plymouth Encore it would be more than twice that. Which I would totally do, if the baby were related to me, but it's not, so I went cheap.

It's another wubbie, for someone else at Joe's work. I'm getting tired of it. I. Must. Finish.

In an effort to make it look like the stash is depleting itself (false, I've just hidden away the old stuff in places I know hubby won't look) in time for the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival, I am multi-projecting! Look at my four squares for NYOBE.

Admittedly, only two of them are perfectly 12 by 12. Now the other knitted one is just a smidge wide, I think I will still send it off because I know I could work it in. The other is crocheted! It was supposed to be 12 by 12 and if you can manage to flatten it out it is, but it's sorta wonky. I think there might be extraneous stitches in it. I'm going to block it myself and see what happens.

And because I needed a change, a pretty blue sock, Undulating Rib from Favorite Socks. I definitely have to make my sock yarn stash look used, because I want more sock yarn! So excited about the Festival. It's my first one! I'm a Festival Virgin! There is not much I can say that about anymore. :) Hey - blogger won't let me post anymore pictures in this post. Is that right or am I doing something wrong? I'll post the blue sock later.


Linda said...

Festival Virgin! We got us a Festival Virgin here!
Oh Honey are you in for some serious lovin'! Have fun at the Fest!

Holly Bee said...

Heehee, you all said Virgin! Oops, I did it too!

Holly Bee said...

I don't know if I've said it before, but...I love that wubbie!!!

(whatever it is made of)

Is it all one piece or are you sewing that beast of love together?

tracyb said...

That's the most awesome part, it is all one piece! No sewing! Want the pattern? I'll bring it to the fest!