Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Smitten

I've caught the spinning bug!

I bought a lovely top whorl spindle from Spinsanity at the Norther Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival this weekend, and I've spun yarn! It's not even the worst yarn. It's not the best, but not the worst! I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. I wish I had bought more fluff while I was there.

I was there to help sew up the Hopps for Hope Blanket with Holly (did I mention she's famous? Seriously, people were all like "Hey it's Holly!" "Hi KnitwithSnot" it was awesome! I know a celebrity!) and another Zombie Prom Date Knitter, Jax, who it just happens, is a student at my Alma Mater, Kalamazoo College. Go Hornets! Here they are after their freakin' four hour plus trip from the west side!And here's some of my haul! Besides my spindle, I got some awesome Briar Rose Fibers. This is a picture of Robusta, which I didn't buy, but won! For the sewing up prize from Holly! She's awesome. I'm making the Big Cable Seed Stitch scarf. The pattern is on Ravelry.I also bought some Briar Rose Grace which is like 1200+ yards of the skinniest lace weight yarn, it's gorgeous. And some, well some sort of DK weight Briar Rose for a knit a long with Holly. I'll get the deets when I take more pictures.

And look at the bunny! Spinsanity bought it! This is how she introduced the bunny to us. "Hello, I'd like you to meet my divorce" Why? Because she bought this bunny unbeknowst to her DH! I would not have been let in the house. But Spinsanity can write it off as a business expense because she will spin it's fur!I loved the fiber fest and the Zombie Prom Date Knitters. I feel like I found my people. Yarn and fiber everywhere, people who understand my obsession and don't look at me like I'm weird, they speak my language (gauge, fiber content, superwash, angora, drafting, whorls, shafts . . . )
It was like going home!

Off to knit some more scarf!


Linda said...

Ooooo! Pretty yarn! and pretty pattern/scarf. I'm trying to resist the spinning bug. I did buy a spindle after Midwest Fiber Fest but only because Cousin Patti is quite the spinner/knitter and she basicly forced the most beautiful roving on me! I love it too.

Holly Bee said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!

I'm going to cry!!! What an awesome write up of the crazy fun we had!!!

Next year...more of us are going!!!

I am so, well, proud of the spun yarn! The blanket, the squares, we really pulled it together on this one!