Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm having a heck of a hard time taking pictures of late. Maybe because I can't finish anything. I'm down to the toe on the second Paraphernalia sock and instead of finishing it, what did I do? Why what any good knitter worth her salt would do, I started another sock. But I had to, really.

See, I think I mentioned before that I have wicked panic attacks and the one I had last night was a doozy. It started around 10pm and didn't really go away until .75 xanax later, which took about 2 hours to get a good hold. I couldn't deal with decreases so I cast on a plain stockinette sock with some pretty Trekking yarn and it did the trick. It and a marathon of Jon and Kate plus 8. You would think screaming three year olds would send me over the edge, but the trick is, they are not my screaming three year olds, making it vastly entertaining.

Now, I try not to spread my political leanings in this blog because I don't know how everyone who reads it feels, but this one is too big to be ignored. It's downright unconstitutional and everyone should know about it and it's related to libraries, my passion, so here goes nothing.

In an article in the Detroit Free Press this weekend about Sarah "crashing through the glass ceiling with my 2nd ammendment guaranteed shotgun" Palin, I learned that she tried to get books banned from the library! Now some may be asking what books? Some may even be thinking "Well, there are certain books I don't want my kids reading (although I really don't understand that one myself)" but banning books is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Librarians actually take some kind of oath saying something like "we will do our best to insure that the widest available range of materials are made available to the public". And the kicker? This article stated that when the librarian refused to ban the books, Ms. Palin tried to get her fired! This was one of many crazy (in my humble opinion) things I learned about her in my paper. Some people call the Detroit Free Press a liberal rag, but I don't think they are allowed to print shit that isn't true, so google it and take a look for yourselves.

Just a little politics. I know blogs are like relatives, you shouldn't discuss politics or religion, but I couldn't resist, and I'll do my best to keep my mouth shut from now on.

So I'm almost done with my socks, have frogged and restarted my bag in a more attractive shade and am contemplating lace for my former boss's wedding present. Oh, and I might get a job at the library in Alpena! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I've actually been telling people about what I do now that I don't work and it's really sad. I watch Netflix and knit. And while that is vastly amusing for about six months, now I want to see and converse with human kind once more. Actually my virtual friends here in the knitosphere have done a very fine job of saving my sanity and for that I tip my hat to you all!


Holly Bee said...

You're a good egg.

Either side of the line, books shouldn't be banned, burned or eaten (Pig 3).

Sorry about the panic. I hear you friend, I hear ya!

Linda said...

Banning books is bad. Drugs are good. Thank you Zoloft.

Linda said...

Hey! We're in the same NYOBE group! How cool is that?!

kristinknits said...

Sarah Palin is pure evil. Asking the city librarian if she'd be willing to ban books is insane. It is UN-American, actually. Thanks for posting it here ... it is important that people understand who is running for VP. SCARY!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Without endorsing any candidate or voicing my opinion either way, I would like to say that I checked out the book banning story on snopes.com. They are saying that the story being circulated via email and in the press is not exactly accurate. Check out here what they have to say about it:


I hope your library job comes through. I have been thinking that I need to get back out into the world too.

tracyb said...

Thank you Amy, I hadn't seen any list before, and I'm glad to see that the librarian stood up for herself in answering what I consider an insane question! Sorry if my colors are showing.