Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where Tracy Gets Her Groove Back

That whole travelling sock escapade had me down. I felt guilty and hurt, I so didn't want to knit those socks, but I felt bad knitting anything else. Well, I'm done feeling that way. Here's my Argosy Blankie, my first Finished Project post the socks.Knit for a baby being born this summer. This blanket was so fun to knit. I used Vanna's Choice - gasp - I know it's acrylic. But it was fun to use, it's soft. And since I can't go to my lys anymore, I'm sure I'm banned and I wouldn't want to give them my money anyway, I've been forced to shop for yarn at Wal-Mart. Or the internet! And you can get anything on the internet! And the ladies at Loopy Ewe are not mean to you. It's a bonus.

I joined a Cookie KAL on Ravelry. Here's the June pattern from her new book. It's called Sunshine. I'm calling mine Martian Sunshine - you know, because of the little green men from Mars, and my yarn is green!These are for me. I will appreciate them even if they turn out ugly(which will never happen because it's a Cookie Pattern and I love everything Cookie!). I would never tell myself they were ugly. I would simply be appreciative for their warmth throughout the crazy winter, fall and spring in Alpena, which neccesitate a person wearing woolens.

I don't think the intended recipient of the blankie will be unappreciative either. While I don't expect her to vocalize her appreciation I'm sure she will be feeling it while snuggled up in her new Argosy!

It is so nice to knit for people who appreciate your stuff!


Linda said...

I agree! Loving the Argosy! And Vanna's yarn is just fine for something that will be loved, used and washed often. Cookie Socks are awesome! Love the color!

Holly Bee said...

What a rockin' baby blanket!

I love the socks. Aren't you the clever project namer!!

Oh, if everyone all lived in the same awesome town of knitterly love...