Sunday, June 14, 2009


I went to our Alpena Library WWKIP. I couldn't stay long enough for all the fun, because Sophie had softball. But that's ok. I knitted. A little. I tried to spin on a bottom whorl drop spindle. I did not succeed. (I actually thought it was a messed up top whorl spindle without a hook) I took pictures, I just need to unload them.

Meg went, I hope she took pictures. She was there when all the fun was going on. I wonder if they used the ginormous knitting needles Wanda brought? I'm sure she showed everyone how to properly spin with a bottom whorl spindle.

Joe went to Traverse City for three days. I couldn't go because I have to work. It's the Summer Book Club at the library and they won't let you leave unless you are in the hospital, dying. So I'm stuck here while he's over there golfing. I could be shopping people. Do you know how much I miss shopping?

Anyway, I don't work tomorrow or today, so I plan to knit. And watch tv. Maybe some housework, but it is low on the priority scale.

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DrBunbury said...

We did! We did use the ginormous needles and Meg and I almost made lace. Big lace! It was a hoot. We wish you didn't have to leave early.