Thursday, June 25, 2009


Everyone my age is in shock today. Children of the 80's have lost two icons.

Every little girl in my neighborhood played Charlie's Angels. I never got to be Farrah, I was the plain little brunette girl, so I was Sabrina. I wanted to be Farrah though. I let my mom cut my hair so it would look like Farrah's when I was in fourth grade. Disastrous.

And Michael Jackson? Wow. Thriller was the album in high school. By college we used it to irritate the crap out of our neighbor boys. We would put Beat It on the stereo, turn the volume up to 11 and open all the doors and windows. We'd hear boys slamming doors from every end of the dorm! Even with all the incendiary things written and said about him that no one will ever really know are true or not, you have to respect the music.

Rest in peace.

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