Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am now officially throwing my hat in the ring for the ornament position at the Bedford house.

You know, ornament. One of those wives whose husband makes all the money. The one's whose job description entails such things as shopping, volunteerism (the kind where you ask people for money, not the kind where you actually physically have to DO anything) and golf.

I don't know how to golf though, so I'm going to suggest that knitting take its place.

Apparently, this is all I'm qualified to do anyway. I suck at housework, so I figure we can just hire someone to do that for us. And I don't have an official bachelor's degree (even though I went to a prestigious university for four years) since I didn't student teach and finish, and God knows that a stupid piece of paper means more than the experience of going to the school for four years and living twenty years of life raising kids could possibly ever mean.

So my husband has a good job right? All those years being a stay at home mom with no pay (although he insists the food and shelter should have been pay enough), I figure I've earned a few years as "ornament".


Linda said...

Gawd I want to be an oranament too! I suck at cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes. I do excell at lawn mowing but not edging & blowing. ELPH said I can retire...when the house is paid off! I'm going to die first:(

tracyb said...

Yeah, the ornament negotiations are not going too well here either!

Holly Bee said...

I like the title.