Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Day of School

I am now the parent of a senior in high school. This my friends should be impossible. The child was born yesterday! I swear, it seems like yesterday and sometimes he does things like lose his cell phone down the passenger seat of his car and not be able to find it, that make him look like he was born yesterday.

And today, his father decided it was ok for him to drive downstate - a four hour trip - by himself! Ok, his dad is driving in front of him for about three hours, but still, what's a mother to do? Luckily Sophie has softball tonight, so I will distract myself until I hear that he has made it. How am I ever going to let him leave for college?

This is the face of the winner of the 5th grade spelling bee! She beat the smartest boy in fifth grade!I have a terrible case of startitis. Started - sock two of the martian sunshines; started - sock one of hypnosis (from awesome Eclectic Sole book); started - Sitcom Chic - I had to start this one because I bought the yarn from my friend Meg who had terrible stash tossing trauma selling me her wonderful $1.00/skein buy of six skeins of Cotton Ease. Seriously, she looked ill. But she did it, and I've got three rows of red sweater cranked out. I've got to find something to make her feel better though. Gonna go toss my own stash!

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