Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Obsession

I've found a new obsession. Lost. Did you know that ABC has recently placed every single episode online? So I do laundry and watch Lost. I'm almost through season one. And I can't figure out why I never watched it before! It's like a parade of eye candy! I can't pick my favorite!

There is of course, Jack (who I've thought was hot since he played Charlie on Party of Five)
And Sawyer, oh my, those eyes and that whole bad boy thing!
And Sayeed? I don't even have words. I think he's my favorite right now. He's a touch kick ass Iraqi with a sensitive side. Yikes.
And I love Charlie, he's cute too, I just don't have time to cut and paste anymore pictures - I've got to get back to my obsession!


Linda said...


Holly Bee said...

You have now officially joined the Dirty Knitters Club.

If you need more dirty, watch Harry Potter 4 and get glimpses of future Edward, Dr Who, and so on and so forth.

I like me some Sawyer-now hurry up and catch up so we can talk about this season!

"Wow, that sure is one mysterious island." That is the Lost catch phrase at our house.