Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back Up North

And I bet you can guess what it's doing? That's right my friends. Snow. But it's actually very pretty. I didn't even mind snowblowing the driveway after my car wouldn't make it up the hill.

It's probably a bad thing that the computer is so close to the laundry room in my house, because I really should be folding the massive pile of laundry that accumulated in front of the dryer while I was gone. Seriously, people do their laundry and then leave the pile of clean clothes directly in front of the dryer. I don't understand it.

I knitted downstate. I finished one of those Noro/Jared Flood/stripey scarves. Very pretty. Documentation forthcoming. Now I've got to do laundry.


Bean said...

Hey, welcome back. How's it going? Been thinking of you.

Nancy Mousseau said...

Hey Tracy, glad to hear you are back safely. Looking forward to seeing you at work. Welcome back.

Terry Ross said...

Welcome back to the frozen north! Missed you at knitting tonight. Finished my Curve of Pursuit, wore my Vaila, began swatching for Amused, signed on for Mystic Star KAL (am I insane?) . . . . All this knitting isn't getting the Christmas tree taken down. How is Wisteria going for you?

Let's do lunch (after you get all that laundry done)!

tracyb said...

Just a shout out, I love all my Alpena peeps! You guys make the snow bearable!