Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Being Interviewed!

Linda over at Fat Cat Crochet, got interviewed by one of her blog friends, who requested that she interview people and I said cool, interview me! Here's what she asked :

Has your camera grown legs? Where does it go missing all the time?

I can't see the legs, so I'm assuming that little people make off with it all the time, and on occasion I've been known to put it somewhere so I'll remember where it is, and then promptly forget where that might be!

What made you decide to blog?

My friend Kristin of Kristinknits blogs and I thought it was so cool! I love to write, I love to knit and even if absolutely no one read what I wrote, I still would love doing this! The fact that 2 or 3 people actually read my stuff? Amazing! And, those two or three people have made this move to Alpena bearable for me - thank you cyber friends!

You’ve been knitting and crocheting a long time. What has been your most favorite project? Why?

That's a tough one. Whenever I start a project it becomes my most favorite, or sometimes, the one I hate the most! I'll say right now, one of my favorite patterns is Monkey for socks. It goes quick so is very rewarding.

Worst knitting disaster?

I've had many. The worst? Well, the unfixable balls of knotted up yarn that my dogs get ahold of would probably be the worst, because they mean I can't even try to use the yarn!

If you could do anything, go anywhere, no holds barred, (kids, hubby, pets taken care of, no worries!) What would you do?

Ok, if I could do anything it would be this - instantaneously finish the last three classes of my bachelors degree, and then get a master's in library science. I know that sounds lame, I'm sure lots of people pick sunny vacations and such, but really that's my dream. Oh and I found the camera!



Linda said...

This was fun wasn't it?
Ooooo! Pretty socks! I really like that pattern! One day I'll learn to knit. When I finish my crochet to do list.

Holly Bee said...

Sweeeet Socks!!

Live the dream baby!

kristinknits said...

Cute socks!

PS: Thanks for the mention!