Monday, November 3, 2008

I Live in the Land of Camo

We went to a wedding this weekend. The bride was beautiful, her dress was gorgeous. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous deep purple gowns, and the 3 little flower girls wore precious little white dresses. Guess what the guys wore under their tuxes? Camo patterned vests and ties! They actually looked nice! Not my choice necessarily, but not bad. I so wish I had brought my camera. Oh and guess what the favors were? Little mini feed bags filled with candy corn! Even the couples two month old son had on a little tux with a camo vest! Joe was especially impressed with the baby's shiny little tuxedo shoes.

It's bluck up here. Rainy and gross. It's warm and that makes it worse. Cold and bluck is ok, but rainy, warm and bluck just enhances my seasonal affective disorder. I don't even want to knit. All my knitting is bluck. Oh, and to top it off? There is no school today. And loads of laundry.

But tomorrow is voting day. I know I will be in a better mood. Hopefully the best sort of mood at 8:00 p.m. when the polls close!

Hope everyone is having a better day than me!

1 comment:

Holly Bee said...

Oh! No, bluck so soon!

Just wait until SNOW MADNESS kicks in!

Sooo, camo. Nice. It would have been extra cute if there was some sort of safety orange thrown in, just for good measure!

Happy voting tomorrow!!!