Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The George N. Fletcher Alpena County Public Library

. . . or some variation therein. I'm not quite sure of the order of the words. Anyway, here's where I work. This is the circ desk (technically the only place I'm allowed to "work" but whatever . . .)
Here's the reference desk, that's Meg behind the computer. She is one of my library knit friends.
And this is the Monday night knitters, a recently started knit group at the library. I've been twice. It's fun. Although when asked about good yarn deals and I told them about the sweet Cascade Heritage available in Tawas for $12.50, they blinked. I don't think they thought it was a good deal. I'll have to turn them on the good stuff, that's all.
Yesterday I went to my first book club meeting. My kinda book club. Wine, food, a little book talk, and a lot of other talk. We were supposed to read anything by Geraldine Brooks, and may I highly recommend Year of Wonders. It was awesome. It was funny because as I was being introduced to people, I totally recognized one of my son's teacher's names, because I didn't get to talk to her! I was like "Oh, you're the biology teacher I didn't get to talk to!" and she was like "yep, when I heard the name I thought he was yours" and on the plus side she said he's a good kid and doing well. I didn't press her further because I'm sure teachers don't want to talk shop outside of school. But that's totally Alpena for you. I'm hanging with the kids teachers, another thing that doesn't happen so much downstate.

Anyway, I'm off to finish squares and plying. Soon I'll be able to enter the oh so fun world of dyeing my own yarn!


Linda said...

Alabama!?! How the heck did you end up in BF North MI??

Anywho, the library looks awesome!
That's MY kinda book club too!
And those girls need to know about-see-touch-Briar Rose!

tracyb said...

I was born in Metro Detroit, but my mom's family is all down south, now my sister is too. Mom came up during world war II to work in the factories and met my dad, and here we all are!

Holly Bee said...

I'm proud of your good yarn outreach program!!!

I'm thinking...those ladies need a library road trip!!

Glad to hear you are making the friends. Small town, hanging with teachers, now you just need good beef jerky. Wait, that's where I live.

tracyb said...

Up here it's deer jerky