Thursday, November 6, 2008


Bits can't open his mouth. He won't eat. He yelps when you force his mouth open. He won't play because he's afraid to pick stuff up. He won't take treats. He will lick peanut butter off your finger. But we are worried. Of course I googled jaw pain in dogs and came up with a bunch of hideous things it could be. The internet is not a good thing for hypchondriacs. So I'm taking the little dude to the vet this morning.

If you are the kind of person that prays, could you send a shout out for him? Or if you don't pray, send out good thoughts into the universe. I'm personally doing both. He's the life of this house. The personality, the one that will just snuggle up in your lap and let you love him. We need him around.


Linda said...

Prayers and good thought from SC.

kristinknits said...

Bits! Poor little guy. I am sending positive vibes your way from the D!