Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Squares are Coming to Eat My Brain!

I am stalled on squares. I don't have it in me to make one more square. To cast on, knit a bunch of rows and then realize that no way in hell is this pattern going to be 12 inches square. Are you feelin' me Holly?

I need your help. If anyone knows of a foolproof 12inch square knit pattern that isn't like rocket science, because I've never claimed to be a rocket scientist (the closest I came was rocks for jocks in college, which I did quite enjoy, possibly because of the cute jock with awesome hair who sat in front of me) send it my way, please!

I only have until December 15th. I finished 6, but need five more. I have five pitiful looking specimens who are nowhere near the right size just staring at me. How do people have the patience to knit squares so big?

And I have to go to the dentist today. They are going to tell me that I need to have a tooth pulled and two dental implants. Yuck. Do you know how much implants cost? I do. $3000 dollars for one! I know because I had a tooth pulled about 5 years ago and that's the number they gave me! I said no thanks, I'll live with the hole. But now the tooth next to the whole needs to come out so I will either have a ginormous hole in my mouth (it's molars so you can't see them, but I need some to chew with) or go bankrupt because my teeth suck.

I need the knitting gods to give me some powerful mojo to make this all go away!

But really, have a nice day! :)


Linda said...

I'm feeling ya let me tell you! I got stuck at 5 too. I was determined to NOT crochet Gag Me Granny Squares! sigh I lost that battle. Well it's not gag me but I just don't like granny's much. Anywho I'm now repeating the earlier squares. At least I know how many chains w/which size hook will make 12". And they aren't going in the same blanket so...Don't stress Honey. It's supposed to be fun!

Holly Bee said...

I hate squares!!!! I'm feeling your pain. My secret blog name is "Knits too Small Squares for Charity, oh, Yeah, and they're covered in SNOT!"

Wash cloth squares? And, and make sure to do it on a circular needle so you can sort of accurately measure 12 inches???

Cry until the fairy godmother of knitting makes all squares magically 12 inches.

Combine your squares with Linda's squares and wash your hands of the whole square mess...

Sorry about the teeth!!! I hope it went alright : )