Monday, November 10, 2008

Tawas Bay Yarn Co. . . . .

Rocks! Yes, it's an hour away, but I've found my new lys! They had everything! Tons and tons of yarn and even an annex, which is open on Saturdays and it's where she sells stuff on clearance!

We were taking a trip to West Branch to visit the outlet stores and I insisted on stopping by the yarn store. I made a haul! I can't show you all of it, because some is secret, but look what I found! The elusive Cascade Heritage sock yarn. I've never before seen it in the wild, only on the internet. They had both solids and handpaints, I got one of both!
They are so soft, especially considering that they weren't super expensive as sock yarn goes.

Oh and they had every kind of needle you could imagine! Addis, dpn's in all sizes, stuff I haven't seen up here at all!

And people sitting around knitting and chatting, telling me about the best stores in West Branch and discussing the pros and cons of dpn's vs. two circs vs. magic loop (we all agreed we like our dpns!) I could have stayed all day except I had a teen, a husband and two pre-teens in the car who kept texting me to hurry up.

Today I found some Red Heart to make the Special Olympics scarfs. Wally World actually had stuff I was looking for! Read more about the Special Olympics scarf project chez knitwithsnot!
And on a sad note, look what Bits did to my yarn! I need this skein. It's half of a project that I'm half done with. I don't even want to think how long it will take to unwind.
And on a happy note - Bits is doing well. He opens his mouth, yawns, barks, eats whatever you give him (unless it has the painkillers he's taking in it, in which case he turns up his nose and glues his jaw shut - only my nephew can get him to take it) They put him on anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics just in case, they weren't sure what was wrong, but he's back to his old self so keep your fingers crossed for him!


Linda said...

Tracy I'm so glad Bits is better and that she'll take here meds from someone We use easy cheese. Never fails!
Send me the yarn. Seriously. I love a challenging puzzle. Email me:)

Holly Bee said...

Tracy, you make upper lower Michigan sound awesome! What a haul!!!

Sorry about your yarn, but good for Bits.