Friday, August 8, 2008

What is that I'm clutching in my hand (the astute among you may notice it's my left hand - cuz I am a leftie!)? Why could it be? Yes, it's a crochet hook, size g to be exact. I've been kidnapped by the dark side.

No, not really. Someone at Joe's work is having a baby and he wanted me to make something for her. I told him I could knit an afghan or a sweater or booties or a hat and he told me no, he wanted me to make soft blankie.

Soft blankie is my sixteen year old's wubbie. Wubbie? Watch Mr. Mom. If you don't want to watch it or haven't seen it, a wubbie is what the littlest one carries around and won't let go of, even to be washed.

Our soft blankie was made by my sister Bobbie. She is the Barbara J. Hopps of the Hopps for Hope Afghan-a-long. She made all three of my babies afghans. She was left handed to, we both taught ourselves how to crochet, because trying to learn from a right hander is just backwards.
We still have soft blankie, it's currently balled up in a corner of the sixteen year old boy's gross room, but I dug it out to document it. By the way, when roused at 10:45 a.m. and asked where soft blankie was, he knew exactly where to find it. I think it's still his wubbie, even if he doesn't sleep with it anymore.It's still remarkably in shape for a very used blanket. Bobbie didn't want us to put it up and keep it pristine, she wanted it to be a wubbie. So it's got some stains, and one part of it is coming undone, but it still serves it's purpose and now it's a reminder of my sister every time I see it.

So Joe wanted me to make a soft blankie and explain to the lady we are giving it to, what it means to us. It's our first born's first wubbie and hopefully it can be that for her child.

So there it is. I decided to do it in this cool pewter color because honestly I can't stand the pastels you are expected to use to make baby blankets. The pewter, I think, looks like a spiderweb, which is the name of the pattern. I'm about halfway done, the crochet thing came right back to me, like riding a bike! Baby's due Sept. 2 so I must hurry, hurry, hurry, but I must also admit that I'm not being project faithful. I'm also knitting the little boy a kimono (doubling as a ravelympics project), finishing up a pair of socks (stitch-n-pitch project) and still cranking out squares. I can't put down the needles, I just can't.


Linda said...

Welcome to the dark side! Ha Ha! I'm jealous that you can Knit AND crochet. Wish I could knit. I've tried and tried. It just makes me angry & frustrated. So I don't do that! :) Maybe another day.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Crochet is what makes me angry and frustrated. I can only knit. The wubbie is beautiful.

Holly Bee said...

That is the coolest thing ever.

I looove crochet, it's my wubbie. When knitting has me down, I crochet.