Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ode to Green and Orange

If you were to ask me, I would not say my favorite colors are green and orange. I would say purple, blue and yellow. Really. This idea is not reflected in my recent picture taking or yarn purchases however. Witness the tomatoes. Aren't they lovely? Tomatoes, by the way, don't usually work for me. They die. But so far this summer I've actually gotten to eat about 20 cherry tomatoes from my OWN PLANTS! For me, this is an accomplishment!

Down here we have a picture of the flame decal hubby installed on his moped, his preferred method of getting to work nowadays. By the way, quite a picture that would make, with his little chopper hat and shiny glasses and his khaki pants and button down shirt. Someday.
Here we have some Lion Brand Sock Ease which I mentioned in my last post. Aren't those colors awesome together?
And this my friends, is my first attempt at the tye-dye. It's green and yellow I realize, but that's only because there was no orange in the kit. If you will notice, my tye-dye appears to be very haphazard - I guess I didn't use enough dye, but for goodness sake, I have dye all over me. It's on the bottoms of my feet even! But I still think it looks pretty cool!
Except the back. The back just looks like an accident.
It would seem this whole Hopps for Hope Afghan -a- Long has rubbed off on me.


Kristina B said...

You have made me reconsider my own predilection for red and purple with this post. Thank you! :-)

Holly Bee said...

Hurrah! Green and Orange are taking over with their awesomeness!

It's all tiger lilies and green and orange here. Whahahaha!